Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Rank Advancement

    • Rank Advancement

    • Emerald Goals

    • Diamond Goals

  • 2

    Road To Elite- Your Place In It & Why It Matters

    • Road TO Elite

  • 3

    Your "Why"

    • Your "Why"

    • "My Why" Brainstorming Template

  • 4

    Planning Your Month With Strategy

    • Monthly Planning

  • 5


    • Clean Eating Resources (for moms & kids)

  • 6

    Vegetarian/Vegan Resources

    • Vegetarian & Vegan

About the instructor

Community Leader at Strong Hearts, Strong Women

Jill Martin

Raising and homeschooling 11 beautiful children, married to an amazingly patient husband for 20+ years.  Throughout my life, I've been a behavioral psychology and education major, a pastor's wife, an avid lover of coffee, and all things chocolate- especially ice cream, I train my kids to love cooking shows so I can watch more of them, I'm a nutritional education buff, I love to talk and meet new people, and most of all..... I have been completely transformed by God from the inside out!   I discovered I can truly love my whole entire life (even the junk) and I want to share that with you!!! 

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